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Supernova Super Donors

At Supernova Legacy Scholarship, we are eternally grateful for the generosity of our donors. Their monetary donations whether great or small, have made an invaluable difference in people’s lives.

Supernova Legacy Super Donors: Welcome

Meet our super donors!

Supernova Legacy Super Donors: About

Tier 1 Donor

Red Dwarf Stars

Lorraine Reynolds, Scotland

Esther Goldschlager, United States of America


Tier 2 Donor

Red Giant Stars


Tier 3 Donor

Blue Giant Stars

Photo PS - Pamela Smith.jpg

Tier 4 Donor

Supergiant Stars

Pamela Phelps Smith, United States

I found Outlander in Season 2 and have loved everything Outlander since then. I also love to give back and appreciate the loving and giving nature of Sam and others. In my job as a Hemostasis consultant I see people who need my help and it is in my nature to try to give them what they need. The arts have always been important to me too and again Sam exemplifies the type of talent that we all benefit from. So we need to support schools that release that same type of talent. I support Supernova because you give back to the education of the talented ones that need to be cultivated and educated. Fabulous job Supernova !

Supernova Legacy Super Donors: Recent News
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