Supernova Legacy Scholarship

"We are all stars waiting for someone who can handle our supernova."
Belle Estreller

The  Supernova Legacy Scholarship is in honor of Sam Heughan. Our mission is to unlock the potential of human creativity by allowing well-deserved student(s) to start their acting career, to live their dreams to the fullest, and to create their own legacy. We welcome you to join us on our endeavors and be a part of making a difference in people's lives.



The Supernova Legacy Scholarship earned its name from Sam’s love of all things related to space and a play on the word star. By definition, a supernova is a star that is suddenly bright. The scholarship is designed to help a Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (RCS) student achieve stardom. The six founders came together (virtually) in late 2020 after months of planning on their own, and they channeled their energies into launching this campaign. The Supernova Legacy Scholarship, a not for profit organization, was launched in January 2021. It brought these six women great joy to see this project come to fruition. Each founder has a personal story that motivated her to see this get off the ground. These women know first hand the gift of education, the struggle of economic hardship, and the despair of no opportunity in a given field after spending years pursuing your dream. The goal of the scholarship is to provide an RCS student with valuable education, ease the burden of economic hardship, and create hope and the possibility that someone’s star will someday shine brighter. Funds are being raised through direct donations as well as 100% of profits from merchandise sales. 

A message from Sam to thank our Donors
Interview the founders of Supernova Legacy Scholarship in honor of Sam Heughan for RCS
Sam Heughan / Supernova Scholarship